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This month's recommendation:

Survival Paradox - Dysfunctionalism - hypnotic body music

All time favourite party track: 

Damn hard to choose, but I would say something classic-sounding like Vitalic remix of 1982 by The Hacker & Miss Kittin

Disc Jockey since: 

2nd of March 2012. My debut was in Tartu at Kene Vernik's (former Mimicry vocalist) restaurant Nälg. The event was called "Danger! Danger!" organized by DJ Fluon (aka Barthol Lo Mejor) and his friend DJ Zuks. I was really excited and happy they invited me to play there. 

Most loved styles for djing:

I suck at genre-dropping, but somewhere between post-punk, synth-pop, darkwave, minimal synth, EBM, electro, industrial techno etc

Big stages or small clubs:

Small clubs. More underground the better. Big clubs attract too much random people who don't care much about music.

Favourite club:

I really loved a place called UPS near Olympic hotel in Tallinn. It was basically an old garage with a fireplace inside and they had this DIY soundsystem which sounded really nice. Also big nostalgic moments for Rockstar as an old home for BFTV where I finally felt I was at the right place.

3 favourite artists as a DJ:

Hard to choose as I try to discover new songs and artists for every set I do. My goal is to introduce more unknown and underground artists to the people.

3 favourite artists as just a music lover:

My mind got overloaded with names, so it's easier to not answer and to not choose.

Dogs or cats:

I used to be a total cat-lover, but since we decided to have a dog I discovered that there isn't much difference. I love my dog as much I loved my cat.

What time is love?

Baby don't hurt me

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