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"Catharsis in the midst of difficult times" - Interview with Nuclear Sludge

Updated: Apr 20

Photo: Åke Tireland

by Stina Isabel Gavrilin

Bringing his live energy to Beats From The Vault on April 15th, Nuclear Sludge is the pseudonym of the Stockholm based producer Jimmy Svensson. Sprouted from a world of punk and industrial music with a DIY aesthetic. A transformation from bass player in punk bands into an industrial machinist. Harsh vocals on top of forceful bass lines and intense rhythmic madness lay the groundwork for his industrial fused electronic body music.

Also known for his aggressive and vivid live performances as Yabibo Hazurfa and as a member of Alvar and Æmit. Straight out of Stockholm's DIY underground.

Nuclear Sludge is very much a mirror of a kind of present dystopia. Having been active in music since the start of the century, is this a theme you’ve felt the need to address now more than before?

It’s always been important for me. Then, as now. My music is very much a reflection of the current state of the world. Exploring dystopian themes, societal issues that plague our world and my own mental health in the midst of it all.

For me, music has been a way to channel my emotions and find a sense of catharsis in the midst of difficult times. Ultimately, my music is a reflection of my own experiences and the times we live in, and I feel a sense of purpose in using it to explore these themes.

And as a side note, I started earlier than the turn of the century. From the late 80s, throughout the 90s and up until now, my love for creating music has been an ever-present force in my life.

When you started this project, it was entirely instrumental. How did the decision to include a vocal come about?